TRI Agency is a MOM licenced Comprehensive (All) Employment Agency in Singapore

MOM EA Licence No. 16C7986


we provide one of the possible solution for you and your family

our Foreign Domestic Helpers are trained and experienced to assist you in many ways, namely doing general houseworks, childcare, elderly care and even pet care

with our Helper's assistance, you can have the time to focus on more important tasks that require your attention, such as nuturing your child, builting your career, bonding time with family and loved ones

how do you find quality time to be with your loved ones, to do things together?

how can you handle all the household chores and not neglecting the important, such as nuturing your child and bonding times with your parent and family?

share with us of your expectations and needs on hiring the Helper

here we are dealing with human resources and whatever matters to you also apply to us

please take time to look at these bio-data of our Helpers and we are here to assist you

looking for employer with us?

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